When Should I use a Ground Wire?

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When Should I use a Ground Wire?

Grounding is an Important Safety Concern.

Grounding the Metal on a Lighting Fixture Assures that If Any Electrical Component of a Light Fixture Should Fail the Potential for Electrocution Hazard is Minimized by Triggering the Circuit Fault Protector (House Circuit Breaker or Fuse).

Grounding Must Be a Continuous Connection through all Metal Parts.

Moving Connections are Not Considered a Good Ground (Such as Swivels, Hang Straights or Chain) and a Grounding Wire Should be Used to Join the Segregated Sections of the Fixture.

Crossbar Mounting Screws Should Not Be Considered a Ground. A Separate Grounding Lead Should be Used.

 Wire Cord Pendants Must have a ground if the pendant has any metal parts which can become energized from a damaged wire.  

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