Daisy Chaining Lamp Sockets - A Valuable Wiring Technique

Joseph T. -

  Daisy Chaining is A Valuable Wiring Technique to have in your tool box of knowledge. Using Daisy Chaining makes your wiring jobs neater and more compact with less wire connections at body junctions. Actually using Daisy Chains can Eliminate the use of a wire junction in a body all together. All of the connections are done at the sockets instead.

  A Daisy Chain is when we wire a Group of sockets in Parallel to each other. This can be described as linking the Hot and Neutral wires respectively in a line from one to the other.

 It is easy as 123 to Daisy Chain most sockets when using 18 Gauge wire.

All we need to do is:

1: Bring the wire to the socket's screw terminal.

2: Do not cut, instead strip the wires insulation off exposing the copper strands about 3/8".

3. Wrap the bare wire around the respective screw terminal and tighten the screw to hold.

Feed the same wire to the next lamp socket's respective terminal and repeat. Do this for both the Black/Hot Wire and the White/Neutral Wire.

A Daisy Chain can be any number of sockets as long as you keep to the capacity of the wire used.

Here is a Link to an article about lamp wire capacities: 





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