Antique Brass Finish

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Antique Brass Finish:

When talking about the issue of non matching antique brass finishes between the various parts it is important to note that each part is manufactured in a different factory, so the interpretation of antique brass may vary.

Furthermore, these parts are made from different materials and do not color the same way. Steel necks, brass sockets, and steel harps all have different outcomes when finished. This variation is due to the inherent nature of the materials used.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that antique brass is produced in batches. Similar to paint, tiles, and flooring, there can be differences between batches of antique brass.

To achieve a cohesive and matching look, purchasing all the parts in unfinished brass is the best approach. Once you have acquired them, it would be advisable to engage the services of a professional metal finisher. They can apply the antique brass finish consistently across all the parts in a single batch, ensuring a harmonious appearance.

Following this course of action will give you the best chance of achieving a uniform antique brass finish across all the components. This suggestion will prove helpful in addressing the issue at hand.


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