Problem with an Order?

Mike B. -

If an item arrives broken: *Do not refuse the package*

Contact us right away! Call (212)226-2567

To facilitate your clam faster when calling, Please have your invoice that was included on the box and/or emailed at time of shipment. 

Please be aware we are not responsible for loss or damage of the goods by the freight company. We will be happy to assist you with your claim process.

We *Must* be contacted within Five business days of receipt of the items to make a claim with the shipping company. Packages are insured during transit. Products are *NOT* insured against damage at your homeshop, or on a job site. If you call after five days of receiving the goods and say you never opened the box and checked the items, we will refuse the claim. The shipping company has no way of knowing how that box was handled after you received it, and that is not their responsibility. Opening the box and checking the order is your responsibility.

Please save the box and internal packaging for ten days. The shipping company occasionally will ask for the broken item and packaging for inspection.


If We have made an error on an order:

We are always pleased by satisfying our customers. We will correct any error made by us without expense to you. An invoice is on the OUTSIDE of the box. Please have this invoice available when you call. Please call us within Five business days of receipt of the goods to report a mistake. We would like to know right away so we can rectify the problem and prevent us from making the same mistake over again. We will not accept any claims for damaged or missing merchandise after Five business days of receipt of the goods. Opening the box and checking the order is your responsibility.

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