What is SVT Type Wire ?

Joseph T. -

SVT is a Round Standard Use Service Cord. It can be used in Portable Lamps, Pendant Lighting, Floor Lamps, and House Hold Appliances such as Clocks, Fans or Entertainment Equipment. (Cord Rating Must Match Load of Appliance)  The Interior has Separate Color Coded PVC insulated stranded copper conductors. The Core may contain Poly Rope type filler to add elongational strength to the cord. The Outer Wrapping is PVC.  History: The name SVT came from its original use SVT = Service Cord Type Vacuum Cleaner Thermoplastic.

Common Rating for Lighting: 300 Volts 105°C

Conductors: 18/2 - 18/3 

UL Spec No. 62

CSA Spec. C22.2



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